It is around 1,400 years since bear bile was first scribed to parchment as a positive pharmaceutical value in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Otherwise known as TCM). It has been used to treat piles, sore throats, bruising, hangovers, sprains, fever reduction and as an antioxidant for the liver. A list of conditions that we would generally treat with ASPIRIN in Western Medicine.


We are not talking rumours of cancer cures, STDs, dementia, TB, Smallpox, the plague or indeed ANY of the significant conditions that have blighted mankind and reduced life spans throughout the ages. Although there is an early reference to a value in treating epilepsy.

History, tradition and culture has led obviously to the story tellers and leaders of people passing on their wisdom and beliefs to each new generation and the story of bear bile values is no different to many other early forms of treatment in all cultures.

However what used to be the hunting, killing and harvesting of an animal for all useful body parts, fluids et al, took a sinister turn as recently as the latter part of the 20th century when poor Korean and Chinese farmers along with mercenary money seekers cottoned on to the value of trapping wild bears, caging them and developing and exploiting new ideas as to how to farm the fluid from the bear’s gall bladder as an ongoing process from LIVE animals. And so the bile bear farm was born.

If you want to get eggs from a chicken it’s easy. Pop up a fence, feed it corn, provide some nesting and generally make its life pleasant and just a few weeks later out will pop an egg you can quietly go and collect.

A live bear isn’t too keen on handing over bile. Most are bigger than the natives of the countries that practice this trade. So, they do THIS to them.

Of course this could be interpreted as a big bad bear being safely transported at low risk to himself or people. So, try THESE. instead.

These pictures tell a far more convincing story than I can write. There are about 20,000 bears suffering these appalling conditions in China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos. Laos farmers earn about $30 US a month - a millilitre of bear bile sells for $15. In a poor country who can blame them. BUT where there is demand, even if the practice is illegal as in Vietnam, there will be supply. And this is all about helping people to trust modern herbalism and synthetic bear bile attributes medication - now readily available.

Leadership is by its nature presented from the top down. Government departments need to be encouraged to spread a better word, wiser advice, MORE MONEY to subsidise and help those farmers develop more profitable crops - police the law to a better degree and actually prosecute those who practice this outrage in the interest of profit and the exploitation of people with a staunch belief and just maybe very little knowledge of the source of their “medication”.

Social media resources such as Facebook and Twitter have enabled all people of the world (nearly) to spread the word of good more than the word of bad. We can’t all follow every cause that needs it. This one is mine and it was brought to my attention via Twitter from that master of 21st century comedy - Ricky Gervais. Who pointed me towards the actions of

As a result, this website was born and will be fed and developed as best we can to increase recognition of THIS just cause and hopefully help gather momentum alongside the sterling efforts of those who came to the table long before my eyes were opened.

The paws and claws of the victims in the pictures below reach out for our help - Of course they don’t know it as that interpretation. They are just animals. In cages. With tubes stuck in them. And their body fluids drained. So that people of ancient concepts but living in a modern world can treat their headache or haemorrhoids. In the belief that it is a better cure than an Aspirin.

Many of these resilient animals live like this for over 20 years. The bear is not a simple creature. Well, Pandas are pretty thick. But Moon bears etc are not so. The pain, mental anxiety, fear and absolutely for sure torture of this form of exploitation really does need to be stopped. And its not just about parting with a few bits of currency. Its about encouraging and promoting awareness without judgement and the continued process of kindness and recovery alongside the assistance of the farmers who in their own right are exploited with few other options.


Please click on the HOW TO HELP link above and do what you feel of course but what you really know to be right.

    Liam Dale September 2016


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