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COMING SOON - ‘The Story of Cuddles’- A very special bear to a child in need.

Meanwhile - ABOUT US (Well, me really).

Having spent a great deal of time researching who was working in this area and making a real impact, it was clear to me that by far the best organisation to support was Animals Asia. Their Founder and Chief Executive, Dr Jill Robinson MBE, can be credited with alerting the world to the horrendous fate of Asia's bears and since she founded the charity in 1998, nobody has done more to make a real and lasting difference to the bears in captivity today and for their future fate.

Animals Asia directly delivers projects on the ground so you can be sure the money they receive goes to exactly what they say it does – providing sanctuary and solace for the bears and campaigning hard to bring an end to this once and for all.

Having witnessed the horrors of bear bile farming, it is impossible to turn away.  So I proudly raise awareness and fund raise, with all funds going directly and solely to the fantastic and impact full work of Animals Asia who are leading the charge in this particular crime against animals.