CASH DONATIONS are forwarded in entirety to those working ‘on the ground’ in the rain, the cold,

the humidity and the heat while I guiltily sit here in my dry air conditioned luxury studio and run this site.

I’m pleased to confirm that animalsasia.com are the sole recipients of 100% of monies raised. And will be - until the cruelty ends.

To DONATE and part with your hard earned cash

for a really justified cause.

Please donate here on paypal:


But this site isn’t just about trying to raise monies.

It’s about attracting attention to the cause, encouraging others to pass the word, to petition, to promote,

to increase awareness, to lobby, to make perpetrators feel.. uncomfortable enough about the ethics -

but at the same time encourage them to come to the table and talk. FREE THEIR BEARS to the rescuers.

On the ground support, veterinary, guidance - non judgemental humanitarianism for those who perform bear bile farming.


Encourage and increase agreed access to organisations for the rescue and recovery

 of these lost animals - to listen and welcome key players with hands on experience.

Letters, emails, signed petitions to government bodies and leaders - to celebrities, TV and radio presenters who have increasing strength in follower numbers. Facebook and Twitter feeds. Get #trends going.

Expose this practice to your friends online, in real life and family.

Indeed it’s not a pretty sight - And people are squeamish and reluctant to look.


To show there is hope for these animals and results are gaining momentum, here are pictures of

rescued bears, happy bears, living as best as they can in safety and protected, healthy environments.

When you believe there is no hope it can seem as if you are standing in a tube surrounded by a circular wall

and can only see light way above your head and absolutely no way to climb out.

If you just take one step to push that tube over, it becomes a tunnel.

And there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking at me? Or you’re after MY apple?

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